About Us

Advention is a business incubator created to educate aspiring entrepreneurs and startup business owners on how to validate business ideas and build sustainable business models, with an emphasis on combining biblical and business principles.

The White Ant

Ants represent hard work, collaboration, endurance and wisdom. Not only do we believe these characteristics describe our organization, but we also hope to instill these in all of our students and volunteers.


Alayna joseph

Founder & Managing Director

“It’s important for entrepreneurs to have a dual perspective of business from both the kingdom and the world. It is the merging of the two that will make them most powerful.”


Lawrence joseph

Founder & VP of Business Development

“Entrepreneurship plays an influential role in the economic growth and standard of living for individuals and accumulating generational wealth.”

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koran hardimon

Founder & VP of Member Success

“Entrepreneurship is the gateway to legacy, purpose, and impact.”